What Makes You Feel Pain in the Heel

Many people are feeling occasional pain on the heel while they are walking or running. Most of us tend to ignore this pain thinking that it is only temporary because we are walking too much. Actually, it is a lot more than that. The heel structure supports body weight and absorb the impact from walking, running, or other activities. Maintaining optimum health of the heel is very important because any problem with the heel can potentially disable us from doing many things.

What we need to know is the factors causing pain in heel and how to minimize those risk factors. There are several known causes of pain in heel area. Those causes are:

Plantar fasciitis

Also commonly known as heel spurs. This condition is described as inflammation of the plantar fascia, a ligament covering heel bone to the tip of the toe. It is a result of overstretching soft tissue fibers on this area.

Heel bumps

This condition is common to happen to female teenagers and also known as pump bump. This condition is a result of excessive pressure on the heel bone against the back of the shoe, commonly found among teenage girls often wearing heels. As the heel bone is suffering excessive pressure, it swells and enlarges causing pain symptom on the heel.

Heel bursitis

This condition is caused by inflamed fluid-filled fibrous sac under the heel bone. It is similar although not entirely identical with plantar fasciitis. The pain is commonly felt on the center of heel bone not on the tip.

As it is important to maintain optimum health of the heels, investing on a good pair of arch support insoles become a good thing. The insoles can provide more ergonomic support to the arch and absorb impact and pressure to protect the heel. It can be really helpful to prevent heel pain.

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